Interview with Paolo Ferreira

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On Drogba's importance to Ivory Coast:

Drogba is obviously so important to Ivory Coast, he scores many goals for them and he would be a loss for any team in the World if he is not fit. I know him so well from Chelsea, and have so much respect for his ability and his impact on the pitch. He is so strong. But of course they have other players who can fill in for him, and while he will be a loss for them if he doesn't play, the team is not about one player and we have to be wary of so many of their other players when we meet them. But of course I hope that he doesn?t play when we meet him, it would be much better for us!

On Cristiano Ronaldo:

Everyone knows the quality of Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s no secret. He has improved with every year that he has played, and there is no real weakness to his game. He is such a great player. Like Drogba though, our team is not about one player, there are so many players who must play well in the World Cup for us to do well. The World Cup is won or lost in such small margins, little mistakes or moments of brilliance make the difference. It is important for us to have Cristiano and it gives us confidence, if we are to do well in the tournament then I think he must play well.

On Brazil:

Honestly speaking, we don’t think about Brazil yet, we are focused on the Ivory Coast. It is important to take one game at a time, and while everyone knows the quality of Brazil, we will prepare for that after we have played the Ivory Coast.

On Nani:

Nani was a big loss for us, he was playing so well for Portugal, and we were very sorry when he left. But we had to move on, and as I said before we have enough quality in our squad, so we can compensate for him not being here.