If you could ask Usain Bolt anything…

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He’s at it again – the World’s Faastest Man is still the fastest! After almost a year off from racing, Usain Bolt kick starts his Championship season with two big wins at the Diamond League event in Rome last week and the Golden Spike meet this week in the Czech Republic. He hit 9.91 for both 100m races, capturing first with a late kick to beat out fellow Jamaican, Steve Mullings, in the second one. 

Tomorrow, Bolt is taking off his spikes to entertain the London press for the day –hello preview for the upcoming 2012 Olympics!! He’ll be interviewed by the likes of BBC, GQ, and MTV, and starring in a few photo shoots to please the media and the fans... We all know you can never have too many pictures of Bolt hanging on your wall.

Here’s your chance to interview the man yourself! We want to know what you would ask the World's Faastest Man if you were interviewing him. What do you - the passionate, hardcore, joyful runners – want to hear from Usain Bolt? Words of wisdom? His best joke? His favorite dance move? Let us know and we’ll ask him the best one!