History was Made Instantly at the Historical World Cup

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Yes. It has begun. PUMAFootball went with many more crazy football aficionados and watched the game at PUMA City in New York. We all knew it was going to be epic, all they had to do was have kick-off and this World Cup was already making history. The first time ever the World Cup is being played on African soil. A symbol and message that is perhaps bigger than football itself.

The second thing is something PUMAFootball caught between the chanting vuvuzuelas in South Africa and amazing atmosphere in PUMA City in New York together with tons of other crazy football aficionados, the record of a World Cup host nation’s opening game. 14 – 0 – 5. Since the first game in Uruguay in 1930 to the first game in South Africa there has never been a draw in the opening game with a host nation.

It’s going to be an amazing month. Best of all? Games are all the time. Can’t wait for Uruguay – France!