Hi, I'm Sammy Eto'o. How are you doing??

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Over the past few days, PUMAFootball may have developed a bit of a man crush on Cameroon's legendary No.9. It's not just that the ever smiling striker bounded over to us at the Indomitable Lions training ground in Lubango to say hello, it's that he introduced himself by name. As if we wouldn't know who he was! But this charming man hasn't got just us under his spell; the whole of Africa seems to adore him.

Last Wednesday, in a game that Cameroon somehow managed to lose against minnows Gabon, Eto’o’s talent lit up the Estadio Alto da Chela. Every time he touched the ball, there was more than just a sense of expectation from the Angolan crowd, there was sheer delight. Screams and cheers accompanied his every touch and, although he didn’t manage to score, his delicious technique sent the fans into raptures. Even the ball seemed to love him, performing tricks for him that it refused for others like an obedient dog for his master.

The action wasn’t restricted to the pitch though - it was above it too. At one point during the second half, a daredevil helicopter pilot decided the footballers shouldn’t be getting all the attention and so buzzed right over the pitch. Not over the stadium – but right through it. The chopper was so low in fact that it was actually beneath the level of PUMAFootball’s seat. Crazy, irresponsible and quite, quite brilliant.

‘Brilliant’ isn’t a word that could be applied to the stadium announcer however – ‘farcical’ would be a more fitting description. You’d think announcing a player substitution would be a fairly simple gig but not for this joke whose catalogue of blunders included getting the wrong name for one Gabon substitute. Not one but twice. Comically the whole stadium could even hear his superior scolding him over the PA. PUMAFootball suspects there might be a job vacancy at the Estadio Alto da Chela before the next game. Please apply within...