Hardcore Parkour. Indoor?

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Because even After Hours Athletes need to train.

When we first see the 3Run crew in London, they’re out on the streets performing the sick parkour moves they’re known for. But it turns out that late-night free runs through urban obstacle courses aren’t enough.

To bring their underground sport to the next level, they have to practice. (Just like the rest of us.) Once a week the crew gets together for an indoor session.

Last week we tagged along. Their gym is on an old industrial estate outside of London. Having seen their street style, we weren’t sure what to expect. If you think their street moves are dope, you won’t believe what they can do in a proper gym.

From the second we walk in the door, the vibe is off charts. On one side, guys are using trampolines to launch into tricks that are 15 metres in the air. On the other side, they’re backflipping the entire length of the gym.

We probably shouldn’t be too surprised; some of these guys are professional stunt men. If you’re day job is fighting James Bond, you can probably throw down some crazy skills on a balance beam.

These guys are true teammates. 3Run crew operates under the idea that when one of them gets better, they all get better, so they never stop practicing. And it’s working—back out on the street they’re known as the best crew in London.

Photos courtesy of Thomas Giddings.