Guys Vs Girls

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As the popular stereotypes would have it...girls like pink, guys likes blue, girls like romantic comedies, guys like action, girls like shopping, guys HATE shopping (unless for PUMA Social goodies of course), girls like bags, guys like FOOTBALL, girls takes hours to get ready, guys don’t often bother, girls smell nice, guys...not so much, girls adore Beyonce, guys like looking at Beyonce, girls like cocktails, guys like beer, girls win arguments, guys give up, girls like “feelings”, guys don’t have (m)any.*

The sex question (not that question), has intrigued philosophers and anthropologists alike since the dawning of time and is never more apparent than in an After Hours setting! Here at PUMA Social HQ we decided to weigh up the relative merits of each species to find out why Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus!!

Here are your contenders...

In the red corner, descending from Adam, he is the hunter-gatherer extraordinaire, the DIY demon, hairy mary, it’s............MAN !!!!!

Men are simple creatures and do not like to extend themselves much beyond the sofa (unless the T.V. remote is out of reach). They like nothing more than watching sports, being loud, teasing friends, being gluttonous, quaffing frothy beverages, worrying about “The Guns”, talking money and cars, cultivating facial hair, sharing a mutual appreciation for female assets and suffering terribly from the gender’s most feared disease...MAN FLU.

In the blue corner, daughter of Eve, the fairer sex, Queen Bee, chocoholic, collector of accessories, the main’s WOMAN!!!!

Women are complex creatures and very rarely understood, unless by BFF(s). They enjoy gossiping with friends - usually about the shortcomings of the opposite sex. Feet made of cast iron ensure they are able to distribute their weight (which is often a worry), evenly over an extremely small surface area when walking. Their superior intelligence means they are sometimes susceptible to subtle mood swings that can unleash a fearsome wrath leaving men in a state of perpetual confusion resulting in the purchasing of flowers by way of apology.

What team are you on?!

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*These statements may well be sweeping!