Guide to the Step-over & Elastico

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At PUMA Football we appreciate it’s the skill and trickery that make the beautiful game that little bit more attractive, so we’ve come up with a guide to two of footballs most mesmerizing moves; the Step-over and Elastico!

Both moves have been made famous by South America’s most celebrated samba sons, but with enough practice, skill and commitment you’ll be able to wow your teammates and worry your opponents in equal measure.

Guide to the Step-over:

  1. Get the ball moving at a slow pace in a straight line.
  2. When the ball is moving, bring your foot around the ball without touching it.
  3. To get the defender off balance, swerve your body in the direction of your Step-over.
  4. Hit the ball past the defender with your other foot immediately after the defender is off balance.
  5. Make sure the movement of your foot is always away from the ball, otherwise you are likely to give the ball away or worse, trip over!
  6. Repeat! Again, again and again.

Guide to the Elastico:

  1. With outside of your strongest foot, hit the lower left side of the ball.
  2. When the ball goes upwards, with a super fast movement, use the inside of your foot to hit the ball
  3. Using your strong inside foot, then hit the ball in the lower left.
  4. When the ball goes upwards, with a super fast movement, use the outside of your foot to hit the ball.
  5. Practice (a lot!)

Step-over or Elastico – what’s your favourite move?  You can tell us using the PUMA Life Scoreboard!

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