Guide to Surviving the Off-Season

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Many of the world’s top leagues having reached their conclusion over the last couple of weeks, so we’ve been busy at PUMA Football HQ thinking up a bunch of great ideas to keep you occupied.

To make sure you don’t spend the next couple of months twiddling your thumbs until the new season begins, here’s our guide to surviving the off-season:

Relive the moment
If you’re struggling to fill a football-shaped hole in your life, we suggest you relax, take a deep breath, and put your feet up. Then fire up the laptop and tune into some action! The interweb was invented for this kind of thing and is absolutely packed full of awesome goals, unbelievable misses and horrific howlers! Let us know what classics clips you find!

5 a-side fun
Why not get involved with a 5 a-side team? It’s not quite seeing your heroes play for 90 minutes and the standard should be below what you’re used to watching, but it’s a great way to help you get your football fix and blow away the cobwebs. For maximum impact, we recommend you start playing on a Saturday afternoon.

Pick your fantasy team
Fantasy leagues. We love them. In fact there’s nothing quite like pitting your wits against your mates every week in a fantasy tournament. That feeling when you uncover a bargain that just can’t stop scoring goals and earning you points is untouchable! That’s why we can often be found at PUMA Football HQ painstakingly researching who we think will be a fantasy league bargain! Please send any tips you have our way J

Football further afield
If you look close enough, you can always find some football action somewhere. It may be in a local park, on TV or in a far flung country you’ve never even heard of! But don’t worry, there’s also COPA America, the Women’s World Cup and the U21 European Champions to keep you occupied this summer, as well as some cracking fixtures in South America and Scandinavia!

Transfer gossip
In the absence of any confirmed signings, we relish getting involved in all the latest transfer news! From the sublime to the downright ridiculous, we simply love hearing all the transfer hearsay, gossip and rumours. It helps get us get through the off season. So, what’s the most outrageous transfer rumour you’ve heard?

We all know that Love = Football, so how do you get over your end of season blues?