Guide to Headers & Volleys

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At PUMA Football HQ we’ve been discussing our mutual love of Headers & Volleys. Whilst dozens of variations, as well as names exist for this classic and much loved game, the basic premise remains the same – get the ball in the back of the net either by using your head or by volleying it past the keeper!

We’re convinced the game’s popularity lies in its simplicity (and who doesn’t enjoy thumping the ball past a goalie?). It’s also a fun way to allow players whether they be emerging or ageing to hone their skills. You can play this slimmed down version of the beautiful game virtually anywhere! All you need is a ball, a couple of mates and well, that’s about it.
For those who are unfamiliar with Headers & Volleys, the rules we’ve agreed upon see a couple of players attempt to either head or volley the ball past the keeper. Simple enough eh?
The keeper who acts as a timekeeper and referee counts down from 60 seconds whilst the other players try and score. If/when the players score a header or volley, they then have to go one better and get two goals and then three goals and so on in just 60 seconds.
Be warned: the key words to emphasise here are header or volley, but equally important is ensuring that players are outside the six-yard box if they score – otherwise the biggest punishment of all awaits! You’ll have to don the gloves and go in goal J
What games do you play when you’re having a kick-about?