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Leg 1 Day 19 Blog by Amory

We were dehydrated of diesel, sucking on fumes. With each new jug pulled onboard, roped in hand over hand from the deck of the super-freighter Zim Monaco, came another pile of miles towards our mid-Atlantic salvation island of Tristan. Every green container brought hope of bringing this boat and the eleven of us on it to the starting line in Cape Town.

But geeze louise, what an ordeal! If there’s one thing that can be said so far about our recent travels, it’s that nothing has come easy. Yesterday’s transfer of 600 liters of fuel went extremely well – we got all we needed – but it was not without some hiccups and a few scary moments.

We got our fuel, signed a few documents, sent up some sweet and smelly PUMA Ocean Racing gear, waved goodbye, and put the bow straight towards Tristan, bearing 125 true. Vamonos!

We owe these mystery men on some mystery ship our thanks, and in a lot of ways our race; without them we would miss Leg 2 for sure. But all casualness aside, this is still a fight against the clock. We’re expecting to get to Tristan sometime early Saturday. Our freighter from Cape Town leaves with the PUMA shore crew, supplies, and a stocked 20-foot container of repair equipment. They should arrive Sunday or Monday. The replacement rig is in transit. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle and not very much time to put it together, so time will tell how we fare.

The most important news to share though is that the mood onboard is great. We’re all very ready to get off this boat and start the “rebuild,” but we’re doing extremely well given the circumstances. To everyone out there – thank you for all of your support. This is a great team, a great group of guys, and we all really appreciate it.

Amory Ross

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