Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen Three Lions, and Congratulations, Glückwünsche Die Manschafte

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Germany dominated the game and is deservedly in the quarterfinals, but it isn't hard to feel for England.

Germany dominated the game and is deservedly in the quarterfinals, but it isn’t hard to feel for England. Regardless where you’re from and whom you support – Lampard’s goal should have been allowed. Ball was clearly across the line and even though Germany probably should have won anyway, the game would have been completely different. 2-2 there and England wouldn’t have opened up so much and given Germany such easy counterattack goals. Technology or not in football will doubtlessly be a hot topic once again, as well as Germany will doubtlessly say that “Karma had it’s way” in response to the controversial goal between England and West Germany in the 1966 World Cup final, which is still questioned if it was across the line or not. Then, allowed. Today, not.

Karma or not, the highly anticipated game did live up to its hype. Great tempo, high intensity and loads of goals. It was a football-fest for the eye. And we must admit that England committed a lot of rookie defense mistakes that you can’t afford on this level, because a quick, hungry, young German side will punish you - quadruple. Four goals isn’t the average for a typically solid English side that hasn’t allowed so many goals in a World Cup since 1954 in Uruguay.

Germany was good today and we saw the same team that won 4-0 in their opening game against Australia. The German machine is well oiled up and their key players are starting to get rolling. Extra kudos to Thomas Müller too, who became the youngest player (20) to score 2 goals in a World Cup since Pele 1958. Beware winner of Mexico-Argentina.