Get Psyched Up with the “Faster Than Lightning featuring Usain Bolt Remix by DJ Steve Porter" Video!

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Want to go faster – faster than lightening? This is the video for you!

Watch Usain Bolt before any race and you can’t miss it. He is always psyched up and ready to run. Whether it’s confidence, mental preparation, or just finding the right rhythm, Bolt knows how to get in the zone. Even as the world’s fastest man, Bolt is always driven to go faster. Imagine what it’d be like to see the world the way he does…

Well, actually, it might look a little bit like this: Faster Than Lightning featuring Usain Bolt - DJ Steve Porter Remix

In this cool new remix you can psyche yourself up much the same way Bolt does. Go faster – faster then lightening – with the words of the world’s fastest man echoing through your head mixed to some equally world-class beats!

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