#FootyFriday: There's no 'I' in 'TEAM'

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What do you think makes the 'perfect' goal?

We're all familiar with the famous individual goals, from Maradona's wonder goal of '86 to Samuel Eto'o's electrifying runs that usually result in a bulge in the net and a roar from the crowd.

But every now and again we see a wonder goal that consists of nothing more than a number of slick, accurate passes and a straight-forward, clinical finish.  It's these team goals that we're focusing on this #FootyFriday.

There's something very satisfying about seeing a wonder team goal.  All the players are at one with each other - they know exactly what their teammates will do before they know themselves.  During our daily scour of YouTube for the games greatest goals, we found this archive clip from back in 2003... and what a goal it is.


Check out the clip and let us know your thoughts.  Also, if you've found a great team goal out there that you think we need to see then post the link into our comments box below.

Have a great weekend - and enjoy your football ;)