#FootyFriday: Brazil, Russia, Qatar: you can't come soon enough!

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Yesterday FIFA announced who will host soccer's biggest tournament in 2018 and 2022.

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Russia beat England, Spain-Portugal and Holland-Belgium to host the event in 2018.  It will be the first time Russia has hosted the event, and with some promising young talent they're sure to put on a good show for the home crowd.

In the 2022 bid, Qatar beat the United States, South Korea, Japan and Australia also to also host the title for the first time.  If the initial stadium designs are anything to go by, it'll be an amazing show!

But before we head to Russia and Qatar, we have the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to look forward to.  The question is, what do we think these three tournaments will be remembered for?  We had the vuvuzela in South Africa, "the headbutt" in 2006, the "Rivaldo incident" of 2002...

Let us know what you think the stand-out moments of Brazil, Russia and Qatar will be by commenting below.

And as ever, enjoy your weekend of football!