Foosin the Weekend Away in Vilnius

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If you thought that the only sport in Lithuania’s capital city is speed vodka drinking, you haven't crossed the centreline yet.

The weekend mood is on as we approach an old Soviet-era building, our sights set on the sweet centre within this concrete slab…we’re talking about the Foosin Social Club.

A bit trashy, a bit urban, a bit club, a bit sports bar – this place is a whole lot of what we like. From dubstep dance parties and freewheeling MC battles to epic console game nights (including Street Fighter, Super Mario, and other 8-bit goodness), every visit brings something different.

Of course, it’s called Foosin Social Club for a reason, and here the best-kept secret in Vilnius definitely delivers. Eight tables deep and spread out across an entire floor, the foos is where the main action is. Prices? Ridiculously cheap. (Well it is Eastern Europe after all.) And when you and your teammates are craving a little extra competition, take comfort in knowing that tournaments and challenges are held almost every night.

Need a breather after the wrist workout? Check out the Foosin terrace, full of palm trees and panoramic city views as you contemplate your next tour of duty back inside on the tables. Better yet, if it’s a Sunday afternoon, stake out some real estate here and chill out to the laid-back DJs before the night calls. If you’re really lucky, you might catch one of the their impromptu barbeques. Actually, ending up at Foosin is already a sign of luck.

All photos courtesy of Eugenijus Barzdžius.