Fish With Bells But Without A Brain

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Learn About: Jellyfish

Photograph by Marinko Babic

Did you know that jellyfish don’t have brains? They also don’t have bones, hearts, or blood. You can’t get jelly from jellyfish; they’re called jellyfish because their bodies move like jelly. They swim through the water by pulsing their swimming bells, which is the main part of their body and often shaped like an umbrella. Jellyfish come in all shapes and sizes: some are as small as your thumbnail while others are bigger than a schoolteacher!

My jellyfish friends have tentacles like me, but theirs have structures on them that sting. They use them to stun and catch small fish to eat. After catching a meal, the jellyfish brings the food up to its swimming bell, puts it into one of its stomach pouches, and digests it. All jellyfish sting, but not all of them are dangerous to people. Just remember to be careful when you’re swimming in a place where jellyfish have been spotted.

Marmo's Tip: You can help keep the ocean clean for jellyfish. It’s unhealthy for them to catch plastic and put it in their stomachs. (It’s silly to eat plastic, but remember, they don’t have brains!)