Fernando Alonso answers questions from our fans at facebook.com/pumamotorsport

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After dominating the Grand Prix of Singapore in his unique manner, the two-time Formula One World Champion Fernando Alonso took the time to answer selected questions from our fans at facebook.com/pumamotorsport.

Q (Modie B Shakarchi): How do you stay so focused. Everytime you drive, you seem so
much more focused and on it than most others. I’d love to know how you psych yourself
A: There is no special secret. Concentration is part of the driver job, especially when racing
at a top level as f1

Q (Yasmin Enger): Which is your favourite track and which is the most special win
for you so far?
A: Sepang is one of my most preferred circuits. On the other hand it is difficult to pick a win
or another. No doubt that winning in Spainm, in front of my own people back in 2006 or in
Monza this year, debuting in Ferrari, has been terrific.

Q (Karen Artabasy): If you weren’t a F1 driver, what would you do with your life?
A: Honestly I do not know. I never put the question to me. Since I was a kid I
wanted to do something related with cars.

Q (Ramin Moghbelpour): What is the most challenging aspect of being a formula one driver?
A: Being a driver is a passion but it i salso a full time job. You cannot simply go the the race
track and sit in the car: also what is done outside of it is important, together with the
team in Formula 1 you have also a lot of pressure from sponsors and media. You need to
know how to handle it without being taken too much away. On the other hand with no
sponsors or partners there would be no Formula One. Without media our fans will not
know anything about is.

Q (Matthew Caulder): How do you feel about the return of Formula 1 to the U.S. next year
and are you going to do any in store visits?
A: I do believe Formula One needs at least one race in USA. It is the world’s most important
automotive market and motorsport has a lot history and tradition there too. I am excited
to know we go back racing there in 2012.

Q (Wilfred Barraza) Are you ready to win the championship, because you are! Animo
A: Of course I am ready to! It will be tough job but we are not sparing any effort to make it

Q (Zsolti Pál): How can you handle the pressure when a small mistake could end your title
A: We are perfectly aware that, within the five drivers fighting for the championship, only
Webber has a bonus. It is part of the game: it is not the first time I am contending for
the championship in the last races of the season so this does not bother me too much.

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