¡¡¡España La Furia Roja are campeona del Mundo!!!

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The world's best national team is finally the champion of the world. What better way to summarize the final? They might not have played their best football the entire time (first game against Switzerland) but they have constantly pulled themselves together and improved, stepped up when needed (game against Germany). They conceded only two goals, and Casillas was deservedly rewarded the Golden Glove. On top of this Spain won the FIFA Fair Play Award, as they only got eight yellow cards through the tournament. Holland got nine in just the final against Spain, and helped making this final the historic for most yellow cards ever: 14!

The game turned out to be just as people might expect a final to be, but hope it won’t. Tight, few goals and a lot of struggling rather than majestic play. Compared to the usually goal-happy Bronze-games where everyone seem to relax a little bit more and just go for the win as oppose to the fear of losing. From time to time it looked more like some players had chewed extra-testosterone before the game when they should have just juiced up with extra-energy bars. Or bananas. Robben had two of those chances you usually don't even get one of, and especially in a World Cup final, but couldn’t capitalize on either. It took extra time to separate the two teams, and just when it looked as though the match would go into penalties the pitch's smallest biggest star, the perhaps most underestimated player n the world, Andres Iniesta - El Illusionista - stepped up.

He must have decided that to go to penalties was just too much of a lottery and took fate into his own hands and hit a thruster into the back of the net with just 4 minutes to go. BOOM. 1-0 Spain and all that was needed to crown Spain as World Champions for the first time in history. He pulled of his shirt to reveal "Dani Jarque seimpre con nosotros". That means "Dani Jarque is always with us," a reference to former Barca rivals, Espanyol defender Dani Jarque, who died of a heart attack in August 2009 at the too young age of 26 just one month after he was named captain, showing that love crosses all borders and rivalries.

What was supposed to be Africa’s World Cup, then suspected to be South America’s, and finally turned out to be Europe finishing 1, 2 and 3 top places. On a funny side note, only one team never lost one game throughout the tournament…yes, you didn’t get it, New Zealand.

It’s been a great, an absolutely wonderful tournament. A lot of unexpected results, stunning goals and an extremely worthy winner. Just as it should. We can’t wait until Brazil 2014.