Eric Meets Lewis - the Q&A

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Hi Guys, Eric here! Last week I had the chance to ask MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS driver Lewis Hamilton your questions. Lewis was on great form, and responded to as many questions as he possibly could. Here are his answers!


Q: If you weren’t a Formula One driver, what job would you most like to do? (CHRIS ROBINSON)
A: That’s a tough one as I’ve only ever wanted to be a Formula One driver, perhaps a musician.

Q: Do you ever get funny thoughts while you're racing which distract you sometimes? (RASHI GAUR)
A: No. I’m 100% concentrated when I’m in the car.

Q: Is it true that during the entirety of a race (in open race conditions) you hardly ever (if at all) blink your eyes? Is this true of most/all Formula One drivers? (NICK HUFSTETLER)
A: Yes, that’s true! I’m sure it’s the same for most drivers too.

Q: Do you have any superstitions and what do you eat/drink before a race? (WARREN J. ADAMSON)

A: I don’t have any superstitions actually. I usually have a sport liquid drink and eat a light lunch of grilled salmon and vegetables.

Q: Which of your race wins so far competing in Formula One was your most memorable, and which race would you most like to win during the remainder of the 2013 season? (AARON GOZY)
A: My first Grand Prix win was probably my most memorable, it was here in Canada during my first season in 2007. And I’d love to win at any of the tracks that I haven’t won at yet… probably Brazil would be my favourite.

Q: If you could be on the grid for a race between yourself and 4 other world champions from history, who would you choose and why? (SCOTT WOODWISS)
A: Ayrton Senna, Gilles Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda. I have such respect for all of them.

Q: If you could bring one of the old Formula One tracks to the calendar next year (e.g. Imola) what would you bring back? (ZAC GALIBOV)
A: The Nordschleife. That’s one awesome track.

Q: With turbo engines returning after 26 years, do you think next year’s cars will give the danger and excitement of driving Senna's MP4/4? (VICTOR SO)
A: No. Safety standards are so good these days and the FIA have worked really hard to make sure the sport is as safe as it can possibly be.

Q: Which is your favourite Formula One car of all time? (DANIEL KRIEGEL)
A: The MP4/4.

Q: What is your favourite road car to drive? (KANISHA SILVA)
A: A Mercedes CLK-D10.

Q: What do you feel and say (in your mind or verbally) when other racers successfully overtake you on the racetrack? (JONATHAN BRIOLA LAMPA)
A: I’m not sure, probably a swear word!

Q: In a recent column you wrote for BBC Sports you mention your love of motorcycles. What motorcycle(s) do you currently own or would like to own? (KEVIN TUCKER)
A: I have an Augusta F4, Ducati Monster and I’d love to get a Harley Davidson and a Moto GP bike!

Q: Can you tell us the meaning of your tattoos? (DANIEL OLIVEIRA)
A: My back has a cross with angel wings coming out the sides and the words ‘Still I Rise’ above it which is a metaphor for coming out on top despite troubled times. My arm has Jesus and Mary in the heavens with the sacred heart as the sun shining up to them and a guardian angel.