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Bloggers are a huge part of the creative scene in East London, shining a light on the best places, people and activities. These tastemakers are documenting a really exciting time in London culture. I caught up with one of the area’s faves, Big Fashionista to find out what she loves most about the East.

Big Fashionista is a big voice on the London blog scene. Her hilarious posts over on bigfashionista.co.uk have captured a large audience and she is yet another fabulous thing to come out of the East.

Whereabouts in East London do you live?

I live in East Ham, I've lived here for 17 years and love the diversity and multiculturalism of Newham, people ask me if I am going to move but I have no plans to, why should I? Everything I need is right here on my doorstep. From parks, to farms to shopping centres, everything is so close to me and I find everyone here so friendly, it's my home not just where I live.

How long have you been blogging?

I'm a relative newbie at blogging, it's been just over two years since I started to blog and I love it. It keeps me sane and I get to experience some fantastic things I wouldn't get a chance to do otherwise.

Where's your favourite place in East to:

Eat? Up until recently my favourite place to eat would have been Robins Pie and Mash but unfortunately it has now closed down.

Blog? I have to admit that I'm not really one for blogging on the go so I usually blog at home where I can be peaceful.

Shop? Has to be Westfield Stratford, so much choice under one roof and so close to my home it makes shopping and lunches with friends so much more accessible.

Have some quiet time? Newham Bookshop on the Barking Road, books calm me and make me happy and the shop which has been around forever is a great place to visit.

What makes the East such a stylish part of the city?

We have everything here just on our doorstep, from small independent boutiques to people with great individual style. The East is finally being noticed as a great place but if you live here, you already knew that.

Twitter: @bigfashionista

Don’t forget to check out Bang’s own website at http://bangsandabun.com/ and follow her on Twitter at @BangsandaBun.