Don't Even Blink About It

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Did you get your beauty sleep, love? We hope so. Today calls for well-rested eyes. As they say in Jamaica: as yuh quint it, it gwan. Blink and it will be gone. Truer patois never spoken… Here are a few tips to help you prepare your eyes.

Warm up by looking into the mirror and blinking 10 times then keep your eyes open for 10 seconds. (That’s all you really need.) Stay hydrated and use eye drops if you must. Remove your mascara because mascara can ruin everything. Sneezing has long been known to cause uncontrollable blinking—remove all spices, pepper shakers, and animals from your presence. Finally, don’t even think about blinking. Thinking about blinking is like thinking about yawning: think it and it will happen.

You just did it! Don’t lie. We saw you. We’ll let that one slide. But consider yourself warned.