Dennis Pollow is the Last Man that Stands at PUMA's Battle Royale V 5K

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On Friday May 6th, 2011 PUMA hosted the fifth annual Battle Royale AKA Last Man Standing at the Henderson Invitational. 13 runners toe the line to race a 5K. Each lap the runner in last place is pulled from the track until only one remains.

Who was the Last Man Standing? 

Congratulations to the 2011 champion Dennis Pollow from Penn State University for taking home the top prize and being the last man standing. Fellow Penn State teammate, Brian Fuller, finished in second.

Top 5 Finishers: 

- 1st Dennis Pollow
- 2nd Brian Fuller
- 3rd Ruben Sanca
- 4th Mike McKeamen
- 5th Daniel Lewis

Start List

Dennis Pollow
Brian Fuller
Rueben Sanca
Mike McKeamen
Dan Lewis
Ryan Fennelly
Darryl Brown
Joe Dare
Dan Suher
Adrian Macdonald
Matthew Wagoner
Ryan Bell
Birhanu Alemu