Dave, Bucky, and Sverre Head to Fort Worth, TX

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Round two of the Global RallyCross series heats up in TX for the Hoon Kaboom!

If you use the hand brake to help get through a corner faster, you may be called a hoon. If you push your car to its limit and wow the crowd, someone’s probably calling you a hoon. If you jump your car over the competition, clearing seventy feet, you most definitely are a hoon! Some may say the term “hoon” is derogatory, but to the drivers in the GRC, it’s part of what makes rallycross racing exciting. Don’t get us wrong, this week’s race may have a crazy name and our drivers will surely have fun, but when the light turns green, Dave, Bucky, and Sverre mean business. This race is pivotal for any driver hoping to snag a definite spot at the X Games in Los Angeles, July 1st, 2012. We don't know about you, but our cheers will be extra loud this race.

The race starts at 3:00PM EST on the Texas Motor Speedway, but TV coverage starts at 4:30PM EST. Watch the Subaru PUMA Rallycross team get the audience excited! This action-packed Saturday of racing also includes the the Izod Indy Car Firestone 500.

We know some of you are traveling out to watch us head up the track in Texas, and we can't wait to see you - so don't forget to say hi!

Check out more details on the Global Rallycross site.

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