Cruising Together at 30 Knots

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PUMA & ORACLE TEAM USA in the America's Cup

Put your hands on your cheeks. Go ahead. Don’t be shy. Now pull your cheeks back and imagine speeding across water at 30 knots in a competition that puts you on edge of the world.

Lovely, right? We think so. Which is why PUMA and ORACLE TEAM USA teamed up. We’re bonded by a hearty appetite for speed and trophies, and a knack for athleticism.

In February 2010, ORACLE TEAM USA won the 33rd America’s Cup, bringing the famed trophy “home” to the United States. The team also became the Defender of the 34th America’s Cup and is set to defend the trophy on San Francisco Bay in 2013.

PUMA’s prepared to pitch in as the team’s Official Sportswear and Technical Supplier. PUMA provides technical performance wear and training apparel and footwear for the team as well as fan wear. The partnership is built around a full design and development program to meet the exceptional demands athletes face while racing the high-speed America’s Cup wingsailed multihulls.

What sorts of demands? Imagine a cardio class held on a boat. Drenching spray. Speeds exceeding 30 knots (35mph/40kph). Wind chill. You need clothing that is aerodynamically efficient and stays the %$#! out of your way when you need to move fast. And there’s no iPod playlist to keep you pumped up. You wouldn’t be able to hear it anyways.

PUMA and ORACLE TEAM USA are a fast-paced partnership and we refuse to hit the brakes because multihulls don’t have brakes. But mostly because we like it the way it is: fast, badass, and unpredictable. Stay tuned for more leading up to 2013.

You may now remove your hands from your cheeks.

(Photo Credit: Guilain Grenier/ ORACLE TEAM USA)