Counter Attack or Pass & Move?

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At PUMA Football HQ we’ve been discussing the merits of the two of the game’s greatest and most contrasting styles of play – the ruthlessly effective counter attack and the somewhat idolised pass & move game.

Whilst these famed footballing philosophies are polar opposites, both can be employed to devastating effect – but which is the best? We’ve made the case for both, but we’ll let you guys decide!

Counter attack
Many people wrongly associate counter attacking football with dull European ties, where the visiting team parks everything bar the team bus in front of their goal as they try and slow the game down and grind out a clean sheet. The reputation of true counter attacking has been tarnished by this deep sitting and defensive strategy, when in actual fact counter attacking football is a thing of beauty, with equal measures of  skill, pace and strategy with players pouring forward with pace and purpose. When counter attacking football is executed correctly, it can be a truly amazing and ruthless sight to behold.

Pass & move
Made famous by the total football playing sides of the 70s and 80s and with a focus on possession, patience and picking the killer pass, it’s easy to see why football purists love the pass & move game. Whilst this philosophy may be a hit with the fans, at the end of the day, there are many sides which like to pass and move, but have nothing but a bare trophy cabinet to show for it! Although, it’s easy on the eye, without skilful players to pick the right pass, there’s an argument that pass & move, is more style over substance.

So which style of football do you prefer? Counter attack or pass & move – you can let us know using the PUMA Life Scoreboard.

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