Copy Cats and Cat Calls Welcome

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Sport Fashion by PUMA introduces the latest in women’s footwear

Staring is rude. Jealousy isn’t healthy. But the kicks in this collection? They’re specially engineered to cause triple-takes, dropped jaws, and shoe-envy from coast to coast. (Consider yourself warned.) Sport Fashion by PUMA is our latest collection of bold styles, bolder colors, and fresh attitude for all of you ladies out there. Inspired by our premium fashion collaborations with icons such as Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, and Mihara, these remixed shoes swap the catwalk for street-strutting.

With this collection, we’ll be providing you with the latest seasonal news and style alerts as well as up-to-the-minute PUMA product launches, events, and contests. We recommend staying tuned. In the meantime, start shopping, get a pair (or two) of kicks, and start building your spring wardrobe and social calendar around them…,en_US,sc.html