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Merry Christmas from Onboard PUMA's Mar Mostro

Merry Christmas from PUMA Ocean Racing!

I can’t speak to the naughty-or-nice ratio of our crew, but Santa brought us exactly what we wanted so we must be more nice than naughty (or, maybe not and we finally got some luck!). The 11 of us went to bed asking for a little breeze and the big man sure delivered. We kicked off our day with a strong midnight squall of 40-knots, and conditions have moderated a little since. As uncomfortable as it was – especially in the dark – at least we’re now going somewhere fast… It has been a Christmas morning that none of us will ever forget.

Given the rougher environment outside, and the importance of the next 24 hours to our race, I predict Christmas celebrations to be slightly muted, but we hope our entire family, friends, and fans pick up the slack while we’re gone. The protein bars and coffee I left out last night for Mr. Jolly and his eight tiny reindeer were gone this morning, so either the guys stole them, they got washed over the side, or Santa actually managed to land on a Volvo 70. Hopefully it’s the latter and PUMA property fuels them on their own race around the world.

Now that we’ve departed the dreadful doldrums and this leg starts to wind down, the racing becomes somewhat of a procession. It’s straight line sailing to a waypoint at the corner of the exclusion zone and then straight line sailing to the finish. That’s it, 500 miles to go. There may be some upwind work towards the end, but it’s not to say there’s not ground to make up over these last few days. While nobody is happy to be where we are in the standings, we sure plan on giving the boats in front a good run for their money!

A very Merry Christmas and a big HO HO HO to all, from onboard PUMA’s Mar Mostro.

- Amory


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