Chi Chi Chi! Le Le Le! Viva Chile!

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PUMA Football welcomes another team to the family.

It’s a big day for PUMA Football today.  After their awesome run in the World Cup, our boys from Uruguay are taking on Chile at Estadio Monumental in Santiago.  But it doesn’t stop there!

We’re also thrilled to announce that the Chileans are now part of the PUMA family, and we will be launching their new kit at tonight’s game!

The kit, popularly referred to as La Roja, will be worn throughout the rest of 2010 and into 2011 – which, as you will all know, includes the COPA America in July.  Chile last reached the COPA America final in 1987 – we’re hoping this new flash of red will help them do it again this time around.

We put a ton of passion into all of our strips.  But for all the boffins out there, this kit has a good dab of science in it as well.  We used 3D Motion Analysis to study all the movements a footballer goes through whilst in action – pretty technical stuff.  Everything we learnt from this has gone into the creation of the strip from the power cutlines on the collar and sleeves, to the emphatic shaping of the chest – this shirt is Chilean in everyway.

The new kit is part of the PUMA PowerCat Collection, which is inspired by ‘raw’ football and a player’s primal instinct of fight versus flight.  Chile is the newest member of the PUMA family to represent the PowerCat Collection and is joining the ranks of PUMA-sponsored football teams Italy, Switzerland and Uruguay who are also outfitted in PowerCat kits.

La Roja will be available in Chile in PUMA and Falabella Stores starting November 18th.   Stay tuned to PUMA Football for more news and team updates!

Let us know what you think about the new kit below!