Cheers to the After-Hours Teammates

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We believe that every great night out is made possible by Social Teammates. And everyone plays a different role that bonds the team and makes them unique.

Whether it’s the ‘Hungry Man’ who knows of a place to eat, the ‘Unexpected Pro’ who comes out of nowhere and makes the winning shot , or ‘The Captain’ who always seems to make the plans and ensure that the group has a great night, it's the Teammates that make the team unbreakable.

For every Social team, it is important to have the right equipment, and we make sure we got it covered. 

Bolt Lite Mid
This old school court style is revamped and re-inspired by the World Fastest Man, Usain Bolt. Classic, yes. Boring? Definitely not. What the Bolt Lite Mid really does is bring freshness to the dance floor. There are dancers and there are ‘Bad Dancers’. We all know one. Arms raised high, mechanical hips and two left feet. Bad Dancers never fail to deliver and rake in the laughs. These kicks are for them. Bless them.

Aurora Mesh Women's
This little ditty is for the ladies. The Aurora Mesh in the modern take on the classic derby shoe or brogues. It’s a foxy mesh number that keeps you cool when the night gets hot. Ideal for the ‘Up for Anything’ lady – the one likable person in your group who you can count on to follow you anywhere and everywhere.

Grip Bag
The Grip Bag is your go-to gear for holding anything for your team- whether for a box of handy tissue for those late night accidents at the bar or just your friend’s mobile phone to make sure he doesn’t leave it at the pingpong table. You deserve this, ‘Team Mom’.

Traction Backpack
There are those nights when you end up bringing the entire office stockroom with you to the bar. After-hours after a grueling day at the office need not be such as hassle. The Traction Backpack is the only contraption you need. Handles whatever you throw on it or spill on it. Stays in one piece even if you don’t.

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