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Wow, what have I been up to since the last time I blogged for you all? I have been up to lots, so I am just gonna go straight ahead and start to fill you all in.

Well, the start of our WPS season is well and truly underway. After a great pre-season with the Breakers down in Florida, we all felt ready to go and ready to play in our first game of the season. We flew down to Atlanta (or should I say HOTLANTA?) to take on the Beat. Coming from England, I am still yet to get used to the sun. Playing our games in Atlanta is truly a challenge for me in itself. We don’t really get HOT, HOT days in England much; we do however get a lot of rain, ha, which makes playing soccer a lot easier. Anyway, we got off to a great start and got our first win of the season, winning the game 4 – 1. It was not all celebrations, however, because in that game we lost one of our players to a serious knee injury. During the game, Jordan Angeli was tackled and she knew straight away that she had torn her ACL. Jordan is such an important player and personality to our team, and when you lose someone like that, it really affects the team as a whole. She is such a good leader and a big personality that, when she's not around the team, a little piece is missing. This season, however, we are going to play hard in every game, and every game we are dedicating to her. The team is always thinking of her and we all know she will be back with us and will be better and stronger then ever next season.

Since that game, we have played three more games and have two wins and three losses on our record. It is still too early to tell what is going to happen this season because every team is so strong in this league, which is one of the reasons it's the best league around.

I am currently sitting on our team coach bus as we take a road trip to Philly. Our game this weekend is against the Philadelphia Independence, so I will be up against my former teammate and my PUMA friend, A-Rod. Hopefully we are the ones to come away with the win. Every year when we make this road trip, we stop and have a team picnic, which is cute. I hope we stop soon because I am sooooooo hungry, ha.

So now to all the things I have been doing off the field.

I love living in Boston because it is such a cool city, there is so much to do and so many sites to see. I was so happy and excited because I got sent the coolest present ever a few weeks ago... PUMA sent me a PUMA bike!!!!! Have you seen these bikes?? They are the coolest bikes ever!!!! So this month, I have been biking around Boston. I bike to and from training everyday and it's hard to explain why, but this really makes me happy. Every morning, I make sure I have my headphones and my iPod and I get on my bike… And away I go. I bike along the road singing to myself with the wind in my hair, hahhahahaha… Sometimes I really do think I am in some kind of movie. To be a professional athlete and to be able to live this kind of lifestyle everyday... I really do have to pinch myself sometimes. I will never take for granted this opportunity I have been given and that’s what drives me to give 100% everyday -- because you never know when it will be over.

On my iPod while I am biking around Boston, I have been listening to a new artist who is doing her "thang": Jessie J. The album is called "Who You Are." If you have not heard of this singer before, you really need to go check her out -- she is amazing and a true talent. She is from England but she is going to be massive over here in the States very soon. She has an amazing voice and is one of my fav’s at the moment, along with Adele. The Brits are coming through strong, ha. I have this album on in our locker room and it has quickly become a favorite with the whole of the Breakers team. If you go listen to it, let me know what you think and what your fav song is!

I also did a fashion shoot this month with another PUMA athlete and teammate, Leslie Osborne. I had to walk in the biggest heels I have ever walked in but fortunately, we got some great tips from some real models who showed us how to properly pose, how to walk and what kind of smile we should be showing for the camera. It was really fun and it's exciting to do things like this because sometimes people have stereotypes of female athletes -- but, hey, we like to look cute and have our hair and makeup did, too, yano?

So one last thing I want to fill you all in on is this video series documenting a few athletes that I am going to be a part of through PUMA -- it's called "My Day, My Life: Women's Soccer" and it captures a few athletes' journey to the World Cup this summer.  I had a camera crew follow my every move for a whole day to capture what it's like on a game day. They were there from the moment I woke up and followed me throughout the day as I got ready for the game. They will be following four PUMA athletes to the World Cup in Germany so you will get to see our journey -- all the highs and all the behind the scenes stuff that you may not otherwise get to see, so it should be real fun and is something you should defo look out for. But like always, I will keep you informed.

So I think that’s about it from me. I am once again off on my travels next week. I fly back to England to play against Sweden. This is our last warm up game before the World Cup, so keep your fingers crossed for me that we get the WIN. It really is not long now 'til the Word Cup kicks off... I can feel it, it's soooo close and I am starting to get real excited about it.

Oh, I read something the other day that I wanted to share with you all. I really liked it and I really do think this is true to myself and how I always approach my games:

"Compete and play like you have something to prove… Because you do have something to prove."

Until then, keep playing hard, keep smiling and remember: what’s the point in doing something if you never give it your all?! :0)

Love equals football

Alex (Boston Breaker) Scott.