Catching Up on Sleep

  • Casey Smith and Leg 10 Team
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Delivery Day 4

Day 3 was a very busy sleepless day for most on board. We had between 18 and 27 knots of wind from behind us through the afternoon and night. Add the busiest shipping channel in the world filled with shipping lanes you have to strictly abide to or risk hefty fines. Very shallow sand banks either side of that channel and add Mar Mostro with a mast head spinnaker on sending it on through at 20 knots into the mix and it makes for a few laughs, a few tears and a couple confused ships wandering what just over took them at a great rate of speed.

With out the race crew on board I am keeping my maneuvers as safe as possible. It's like learning how to windsurf. We spear off at 20+ knots of speed until its time to change direction, followed by furling up the A5 and slowing down to 8 or so knots. We then tack the boat (known as a Granny tack), try not to stall it head to wind, pop out on the new gybe, go A5 and send it to the other side of the shipping lane at 20+ knots. This happened around 10 times last night resulting in a very tired crew from all the furling and lack of sleep.

All of this took place with only putting one ship into a 360 maneuver upon a close cross. We tried hailing him 4 times on the radio to no avail. Luckily having AIS on board we can see their every move and to help avoid them.

So today has been a catch up on sleep day for all. We were sailing under the fro again, averaging a little high on course but are comfortably and safely ticking off the miles to Sweden. Now all we have to do is dodge the ships, oil rigs, boats working the oil rigs, fishing boats, fishing buoys in the water, and anything else that wants to get stuck on our appendages and try to cause us to lose steering and wipe out. Pretty easy really!!

Casey & Leg 10 Team