Calling All Crown-Worthy Mates

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PUMA & FHM in partnership with Footasylum seek teammates

Teammates should always have your back. They shouldn’t be afraid to get their hands dirty. They should know how to smack talk and be willing to chest bump at a moment’s notice. Teammating is no easy task. And so we’re weeding out the best of the best for the latest PUMA Social campaign…

PUMA and FHM, in partnership with Footasylum, are looking for the next PUMA Social Teammate. Come and watch as athletes and amateurs put everything on the line – and by everything, we mean not much – as they go for glory.

Participants will compete in some of the fiercest sports around town: ping pong, limbo, hula hooping, cocktailing making, and the notoriously tricky balloon body popping throwdown. The event will take place at PUMA YARD on 31 July at 4:30pm. There will be a panel of judges which includes Professor Green, Noel Clarke, and DJ Charlie Hedges from Kiss FM. The winner‘s victory is made all the sweeter by a prize haul that includes a £500 cash voucher, a PUMA bike, and a selection of PUMA gear.

It could be epic. It will get sloppy. In short, don’t miss it, mate.  


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