Bucharest Skyline Creative Workshop @ PUMA Social Store

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Social, vibrant, customizable and eclectic. This is Bucharest through the eyes of the artists that participated in a creative workshop at our PUMA Social Store opening in trendy Fabrica.

Last week, Bucharest's skyline was a bit more cloudy than usual but that didn't stop the seven artists we invited to the opening of the PUMA Social Store to customize a PUMA tote bag with their very own interpretation of Bucharest’s skyline. Among them were Ana Maria Grigoriu & Stelian Dobrescu (LOOT), Şerban Mocanu (Potop), Octav Ungureanu (Smoking Cool Cat), Octavian Campeanu (Vian Peanu), Alexandru Nimurad, Ioana Sopov, Șerban Mocanu (Potop) with the help of Andrei Cârlescu (Atelier Carlescu).

Over 200 participants were inspired by the artists and painted their Bucharest to always have it with them. The bags with artistic paintings - either remixes of the artists' stencils or drawn 100% with the inspiration of the public, were either taken home or left at the store for an in-store exhibition. This event was the first in the series called PUMA Inspiration Shot that will be hosted at the PUMA Social Store @ Fabrica over the next weeks.

Come back in the next days to find out more about our talented artists and find out about future events. 

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