Brazilian Graffiti Goes Global

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Fierce, colourful and undeniably authentic, graffiti street art is what’s up all over the world. Whether we’re coming home from another long night out in Paris, stumbling around the boroughs of New York City, or meeting up with our teammates in Berlin, what better backdrop for our adventures than street art brilliance? So when the legendary Brazilian graffiti artist Anarkia invited us to roll with her as she painted her latest mural, we were on it. 

Panmela Castro, aka Anarkia Boladona, is the graffiti queen of the Brazilian streets. And from the moment her kicks hit the sidewalk and she drops her bag of paint to greet us, we know we’re in for a killer time. It’s the last day of her month-long NYC visit, where she’s been collecting awards for her talent with a spray can and painting up the Bronx with various legendary graffiti crews.

“Today, we’re painting,” she says with her almost Zen like demeanour, thanks to her roots of chilled-out Brazilian cool. Anarkia turns to her fellow graffiti teammates Sonic, Ink and Marcelo Jou for the day’s mission, and they decide there is too much wind to throw up their mural on the corner. Fast-forward to an hour later and we’re indoors at a motorcycle workshop, and Anarkia is up on a ladder and unleashing her latest. Known for her gorgeous and badass images of women, she creates a masked woman, almost super-hero looking, within minutes.

In between thinking and painting, Anarkia tells us that she’s been doing graffiti for seven years, with over 1,000 murals in Rio de Janeiro, South Africa, Germany and France. “I used to number them but I stopped after 500. Sometimes, I go back and even paint over older ones,” she says with a laugh, clearly addicted to her craft.

Next up, this globetrotting After Hours Athlete is jetting to Europe to throw up her art in Prague, Istanbul, Paris and Berlin. “But I’m coming back to NYC in June to paint and party. I’m having an exhibit. So come.”

We’ll be there. After all, we’d never miss a good excuse to party. And by the way, we’re invited to her exhibit in Rio on 10 August. Until we roll with her next, check out more of Anarkia’s graffiti at

Photos courtesy of Anarkia Boladona.