Brazilian Fazenda Party: A Weekend Bash Under the Stars

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From late-night waterfall dips to a 24-hour long rotation of fresh DJs, this is the party to bring out your inner Brazilian and your partying best.

Our Brazilian teammates are no rookies when it comes to throwing down for a great party. In Brasilia that usually means a long night at the dancehall and a long morning of recovery at our apartments. But a new type of party is taking over where night and day blur together into a weekend-long escape into wide-open spaces.

“Vamos para a festa!” hollers Brasilia native and DJ Maria Beatriz Fidalgo, known as Bia, as she pulls up to the curb and whisks us away from downtown Brasilia. She’s taking us to experience one of the weekend-long fazenda parties (fazenda meaning farm in Portugese) that’s taken hold of the underground culture here in Brazil. Less than 30 minutes later, we arrive at Fazenda Encontro Das Aguas and it’s already clear we made a solid choice for our weekend activities.

We’ve come to paradise. In front of us, rivers and waterfalls surround open fields. But this isn’t some quaint pastoral scene—music pulses from the multi-coloured tents strung among the trees. It’s only 22:00 on a Saturday night and already a thousand fellow teammates are there, sipping on their cervejas and moving to the beats. Some have stripped down to their bikinis and board shorts and are kicking back in the river. The Brazilian countryside skies are nothing short of unreal, only rivalled by the light show taking place in sync with the music.

“Electronic trance is making a serious comeback in Brazil and now at least once a month, we have these great outdoor parties thrown by different promoters. All you have to do is feel the music, dance and enjoy yourself,” shares Bia as we cross the huge fields to the DJ tents.

Twenty hours later, after seeing a different DJ for every hour, watching the sun rise and then set, and adding a few new teammates to our crew, it’s undeniable—a Brazilian fazenda party is a perfect mashup of a hot city club and the great outdoors.

Ready to head out to the next fazenda party? We’ve got the deets:

The cash you’ll drop to get in: Between 30-50 reais, and bring some more for food, cervejas and guarana.

The gear you’ll want to bring: Your favourite pair of kicks (PUMAs, of course), your swimsuit, a hoodie (it gets frio out there) and a tent/sleeping bag for a power snooze between sets.

The tracks DJs can’t seem to stop spinning: It’s All Electronic from Nevermind vs. Logica, Inner Trust from Yage and Pitching from Burn from Noise

And last but not least…where the next fazenda parties are (exact locations are kept secret and are usually posted the day of on Facebook):
21 July: Secret Cycle
27 July: Free Space
18 August: Psycontrance Party
15 September: Shamballa Party

Say goodbye to the city and head for the hills for the next fazenda party, where it’s less farm-to-table and more farm-to-turntable – all weekend long!

Photo Courtesy of Sara Mohazzebi