Bolt will run 300 + some interview excerpts

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From the Washington Post: March 17 - Usain Bolt will compete in the rarely contested 300-meter race at the Czech Golden Spike meet in May. Organizers said today that Bolt will attempt to break the world mark in the distance on May 27 in Ostrava. Michael Johnson holds the current mark of 30.85 seconds. The IAAF does not recognize it as a world record, as the distance is not used at major events. Bolt will receive $30,000 if he sets a world best in the 300.
Also, Sky Sports published a recent article about and interview with Usain. The following are excerpts.

Following a hectic winter of media, charity, awards, sponsorship and ambassadorial engagements, most would not have been surprised if Bolt had started 2010 in lackluster fashion. But then again, this is Bolt we're talking about; the 6ft 5in speed demon who has not only revolutionized athletics but also world sport with his laid-back, science-defying ability which has captured the hearts of the sporting public.

"That is my personality," Bolt explained. "I don't think it helps me to run fast if I am nervous and tense, so I just be myself. People seem to like it so I have kept doing it. Training is going well. I had a lot of engagements and functions to attend before Christmas so I was a bit behind in my schedule but now I am in hard training to get ready for the summer. I don't enjoy the long-distance work in the winter but it is necessary to build a good endurance base. I took one month completely off training (after the Berlin World's last August) but I was playing a lot of football and cricket so I kept fit."

"I will probably run 400m in the future but not for a few years. I prefer to run 100m and 200m. My 2008 and 2009 seasons were great. I achieved great things and hope to continue doing well.?

What?s next for Bolt? First, the release of an illustrated book, detailing his global domination this autumn - with a full-length biography set to come out after the 2012 London Olympics - and secondly, the inaugural IAAF Diamond League competition this summer.

"The IAAF Diamond League should be great. Sprinting is very strong at the moment. Everyone is talking about where and when Tyson (Gay), Asafa (Powell) and I will race. It's going to be fun."