Black Stars are Quite Cool

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The mighty Black Stars have arrived. Cruising in with their bus surrounded by big, big dudes in black suits we observed from the comfort of a safe distance.

After the players had rested we took off for our first training together with the team. Signs of a long flight were nowhere to be found as they took on the pitch. The vibe was focused but chuckled laughs intercepted each other and hinted of a very joyful team spirit.

The more experienced players such as John Mensah and Stephan Appiah took the lead as they went into heavier activities and it became more and more clear the best way to lead is by example.

Some badass workout routines were to be seen as PUMAFootball were glad we could take cover in the shade and not having to move too much. Watching it was exhausting enough, but for them... It is just clear they love what they do.