Battle of Giants

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Let’s take a moment to talk about the things we never thought we’d see at the PUMA YARD. For starters: a hydra with 5 cat heads. And a sprinting, snarling beast-human-giant.

When Secret Walls pops by your house, that’s what it brings. The art battle with a global rep returned to its East London roots on 8 August. It took over the PUMA Social Club with 2 canvases, tattoo artist Alfa, freelance artist Riff, and black ink, no sketches. Without a doubt the event proved that live art is art in its greatest form: each artist employed countless ink strokes and chin stokes to slowly unveil their respective creatures. (Riff had us baffled until he got to his beast’s eyes around minute 20.) When the clock struck 60, the crowd rooted for their victor—and the loudest cheers went to Riff.