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The fleet has restarted racing Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race, and they're on the way from the safe haven port of Male, Maldives, to Sanya, China. MCM Amory Ross is providing regular updates through the first day of racing, then daily posts to follow. (Photo: Ian Roman/Volvo Ocean Race)

11:19 UTC: Update from Amory Ross

This leg is off to an enjoyable start! Not a single tack or gype, notta one. We've had our fair share of sail changes though, having alternated between the full masthead zero and the fractional zero all day, and we've just abandoned both of those and gone to our large upwind jib. It will likely continue like this for the next few days, so it's a routine we should all be getting used to. We have done well as the left-most boat out of the super secret location, sailing consistently higher than the other guys, but that too has just changed and now we've started to come down and forward on the guys to leeward. Even though this leg has just begun, we should see some early commitments to the high or low road heading east.

08:54 UTC: Update from Amory Ross

Another strange start! The line was between one flag on one shore and a radio tower on another, there were virtually no spectators, tons of ferries, fishing boats, and more obstacles to dodge leading up to the gun. But we're now back to "ocean racing," something we haven't been able to say in almost a month. We had a good start, wanting to protect the left (the east), and we did. We started in about 8 knots of wind, it's built a bit so we're rolling into our first upwind sail change from the big Code 0 to the Fractional 0. We're the highest boat out here and we'll see how that pans out in the early going. Many different schools of thought going into the beginning of this leg...