Amy Rodriguez Answers Fan Questions

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Earlier this week, fans logged onto Facebook to chat live with pro athlete & gold medalist, Amy Rodriguez.  We were amazed at the number of great questions you came up with and even though Amy wasn't able to get to them all during the chat, she wanted to be sure to answer as many as she could!  Check out her responses in bold below to your unanswered questions!

Can't get enough of Amy?  You can follow her on Twitter @AmyRodriguez8 and for those of you in the LA area, you can come watch her play in the Project Pink Celebrity Soccer Match next Saturday, Oct 13th.  You can buy your tickets at:


@Judith-- What do you think of Real Madrid? Very good team. I find myself rooting for them despite being a Barcelona fan.

@Alyssa-- Who does your hair before each game?? I braid my own hair. Took lots of practice to get it down just right.

@Brian-- What advice can you give someone looking to play soccer in college? If you want to play college soccer my best advice would be to learn how to multi-task. Playing soccer and going to school are two very time-consuming things and you have to prioritize in order to be successful in both. Also, if you are trying to get recruited by college coaches, it doesn’t hurt to email them and ask them to come watch you play. Make sure you let them know your name, club team, age group, HS graduation year, and game schedule.

@Sidney-- Do you prefer Power or Finesse? Tough call. You need a little bit of both.

@Yasmin-- What do you do when you loose a match? I don't like losing, but when I do, I try to learn from the mistakes and not let them happen again.

@Chelsea-- Who are you closest with on the team? Lauren Cheney and Tobin Heath

@Chelsea-- I gave you a note at the LA game to give to Hope. Were you able to deliver it? What advise do you give injured athletes? What is the best way to stay in shape? Also, what are some good drills I can introduce my coach to for practice? Yes, I gave the note to Hope in the locker room. Advice for injured athletes would be to keep a positive attitude and do all the necessary rehab in order to get you back on the field. Best way to stay in shape is to workout everyday and be mindful of what you are putting in your body. Healthy foods and lots of water are really important.

@Marcus-- How tall are you? I am a whopping 5'4'' of the shortest on the team, but I don't let it "bring me down"

@Leticia & @Jesica-- What is your favorite sport besides soccer? I love watching a lot of different sports. To name a few: football, tennis, basketball, water polo.

@Judith-- I'm struggling to play soccer. Any advice? Soccer is not an easy sport and it takes YEARS to perfect certain skills. If you really enjoy it, stick with it and the practice will pay off.

@Sinead-- What is your best beep test score? There are several different types of beep tests, but the best scores that I have gotten are: 17.5 and 46.

@Alyssa-- What do you do to deal with exam nerves?? I find that the better prepared I am for the test, the more relaxed I am. Same goes with soccer.

@Joyce-- What are you plans after soccer? I have no plans as of right now. I might possibly be interested in a career in coaching, counseling, or nursing.

@Corey-- How hard is to play soccer? As I mentioned before, soccer is a difficult sport and takes lots of practice. The professionals make it look easy, but they have spent YEARS perfecting their skills and practicing the game.

@Omar-- What can fans do to help get a stable women's league in the US? Supporting women's soccer by coming out to the games or watching us on TV! We love playing in front of you guys, and would love to continue doing so!

@Catherine-- What is the best part about being on the USWNT? I get to train with the best players in the country every day.

@Joyce-- What do you like doing most in your time off? I love going to the movies, running on the beach, and cooking.

@Laura-- What's your favorite/life Bible verse? A verse that I apply to my soccer life a lot is: Phil 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

@Greg-- How are mid terms going? I think I nailed my midterm this morning. We find out the results next week!

@Rebecca-- Best Soccer Moment? Winning two Olympic Gold Medals.

@Maheen-- What's your favorite color of PUMA gear? PINK!

@Susi-- Would you ever consider playing in Germany? Yes, I have a good friend who plays in the league there and she tells me good things.

@Joyce-- What's an advantage you think you had growing up playing soccer in CA as opposed to the other girls from other states? I was fortunate to have the opportunity to play in CA where the club systems are highly developed and competitive. Playing in a competitive environment allowed me to become the player I am today.

@Emily-- When did you start jumping on the field with Tobin & Lauren and why do you guys do that? That's how we start every game. We always enter onto the field at the same time. It's sort of a ritual that we do together.

@Yasmin-- Does you neck get sore from carrying that heavy gold medal? Haha no.

@Greg-- You lip syncing on party in the USA was spot on. Can you really sing? Can I sing? Yes. Am I good at it? No.

@Sebastian-- Who's the best player for you? Messi or Ronadlo? Messi. Who's cuter? Ronaldo.

@Emma-- What did you think of the stadiums in the UK? Can't image what playing in some of those old stadiums must have been like! Loved the stadiums in the UK. So many great players have played on those pitches. It was an honor.

@Brian-- What is your favorite celebration after you score? I scored a goal once where I just looked up to the sky afterwards and thanked God for the amazing blessing. It was a priceless moment and such an amazing feeling.

@Brian-- Who is faster? You, Alex Morgan or Sydney Leroux? Good question. Tough to say who the fastest is. Don't forget to add Christie Rampone in the group of fast players!