After Hours Idol: The Number Hunter

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King Of PUMA Social Clubs and late night venues around the globe, the Number Hunter is a fairly unique and envied creature on the PUMA Social scene having honed his skills through hours of dedication, a devilish dress sense*, courage, confidence and the sort of magnetic personality that only the finest After Hours Athletes possess!

He’s the one guy you can guarantee to walk out with a stack of beer mats plastered in the phone numbers of beautiful women from A – Z. Usually surrounded by a throng of adoring fans, he is the guy beating you at pool with his hands behind his back whilst simultaneously ordering your next drinks and charming his way into the barmaid’s phonebook (and everyone else’s for that matter)!!

How? Practice! Get out there on the front line and show your stuff. Gauge your audience, play to the crowd and have fun.

Why? Because it is possibly THE greatest victory there is in a PUMA Social setting and can often be harder to achieve than a bullseye, 7-ball and perfect game combined. Still, the good news is as the seasoned After Hours Athlete you are, you can always rely on your natural charisma and competitive spirit to set you apart from the rest in the number hunt.

When? Number exchanges are more often witnessed towards the end of an evening after much groundwork, a few games of pool with heavy technical/positional instruction and a slightly lighter wallet – the drinks will need to be on you.

What happens next? Love and marriage? Couples competitions? New drinking buddies? Someone to hold you up at 5am? That’s down to you. At least you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your relationship blossomed through a shared love of pool, pong, pizza and parties!’s to The Number Hunter and the many digits he has so dutifully acquired!


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