After Hours Athletes Badges & More on Foursquare

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Check in with PUMA and Foursquare.  

PUMA and Foursquare have teamed up to give After Hours Athletes a little reward for putting in some serious training time.

At PUMA, we want to encourage you to get social and share your favourite hang outs, it's all part of being an After Hours Athlete after all!

So, we're delighted to let yuou know that by checking in to PUMA Social venues all over the world, you can earn yourself some serious Social currency in the form of our brand new Foursquare badges.

After Hours Athlete

Visit PUMA Social venues and show your true colours as an After Hours Athlete!  Check in to at 5 PUMA Social venues total to earn this badge.

Midnight Munchies

There’s nothing wrong with eating late on your way home, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got enough energy to keep you in the game, no matter how late it is!  Check in to three late night food joints after 2AM to earn this badge.

Team Captain

Are you a consistent frequenter of the most Social venues in town? Likelihood is you’ll end up as captain of your team!  Earn this badge when you check in to five PUMA Social venues in 48 hours.

Follow PUMA on Foursquare and get checking in to unlock your badges!