After Hours Athlete Guide To: Setting The Trend

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The PUMA Social fashionistas how-to guide!

If there is one thing that separates an official After Hours Athlete from the average Joe on a night out, it is almost certainly their innate sense of style. Inspired by the coolest cat around, PUMA Social fashionistas always dress to impress, whether it’s turning heads at the bar or cutting shapes on the dance floor. Become a dedicated follower of fashion with our ultimate guide to setting the trend:

Track attack Even if the closest you have come to actual sporting competition involved a twenty yard dash on hearing the words “Last orders”, you can still create the impression of a finely-tuned After Hours Athlete who burns calories through pounding ping-pong paddles and parkour with the right outerwear - we recommend trying out an old school training jacket to set you on your way.

Color Summer is upon us so don’t be afraid to ditch the drab winter colors for something a bit more vibrant. We have it on good authority that pink (yes pink), and aquamarine are very in this season. These brighter colours not only differentiate you from the rest, but also help reflect your gregarious personality.

Can I kick it? Yes you can. Make an impact with some retro suede or a standout high-top.

Accessorize Most late night lotharios will tell you that the key to getting noticed is the showpiece accessory that will send your style score into the stratosphere. We suggest either a classic watch (for all you sophisticats out there) or a vintage originals bag to complete a casual outfit.

What are your best kept style secrets?!