After Hours Athlete Guide To: Checking Out Who’s Checking In

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Getting your game on in any location.

Location-based social networks are one of the newest kids on the digital block and you, the After Hours Athlete can make the most of this amazing technology by seeing who’s in your company.

Here’s our guide to how to use Foursquare on a night out and where you should hang out! (Use those lovely venues we’ve uploaded to 4sq!)

Get friends on board – at PUMA we swear that life’s more fun in groups and the same goes for Foursquare! So get your smart phones out and your check-ins, well...checked-in!

Get outta there– looking for places to go? Then look no further! We’ve kindly put together a list of awesome Foursquare venues! Go forth and conquer!

Check in – to get the most from Foursquare, get in the habit of checking into places and seeing what happens! Lots of cool hangouts try and tempt people in with special offers, so be sure to check your phone once you’re in! You’re a PUMA Athlete; you deserve to have your loyalty rewarded!

Leave tips – good, bad or indifferent, let the Foursquare community know about the cool or not so cool places you’ve checked into!

Here’s another cheeky little tip: check out the Assisted Serendipity app to receive notifications when the male/female ration turns in your favour!