9.58 Qs with Trojan Soundsystem

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Reggae duo dishes while gearing up for PUMA YARD’s JAM 50 Bash

On 6 August, Jamaica marks its 50th Independence Day. Contributing to the good times at PUMA YARD will be Trojan Soundsystem duo Earl Gateshead and Daddy Ad. Earl Gateshead began DJ'ing in Brixton in 1979 and is known for his 20 year residency at The Dive Bar in London's Chinatown and his Saturday residency at the legendary Blue Note club. Daddy Ad comes from Roots and Reality Soundsystem and has always, like Earl, pushed for new sounds and acts to break on though.

1. What do you have for breakfast the morning of a performance?
EG: Snails....... invariably.
DA: Mango and herbs.

2. What’s your favorite spot in London?
EG: Ikea Croydon.
DA: My listening room at home. We're lucky enough to live inside a Central London park next to the Village, so it's like being in the countryside despite and madness going on outside of the park and my wife and I have a crazy audiophile Hi-fi at home. The senses are buzzing.

3. When are you most happy?
EG: When I feel loved.
DA: When I'm with my wife and daughter I feel blessed.

4. Name the most inspiring place in the world.
EG: Walworth Road.
DA: Grande Riviere, Trinidad. It's a little bay in the depths of the virgin rain forest in the northern range. It's one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and natural places on Earth. It's raw and terrifying, yet blissful and inspiring. The surf is sick too.

5. Do you own an air guitar?
EG+DA: Of course....we have an entire air orchestra and studio complex.

6. Which question are you asked the most when interviewed?
EG+DA: How did you begin your journey?

7. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
EG: Time travel.
DA: Mind control.
EG+DA: Together we'd be quite a world changing super team!" (EG and DA)

8. Did you play sports growing up? Do you play now?
EG: Football. I'm a big watcher these days.
DA: Karate, surfing and longboarding (skate) and yes, whenever time and location allows.

9.58. One lump? Or two?
EG: None.  


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