9.58 Qs with Gyptian

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Reggae superstar Gyptian headlines JAM 50 Bash on 6 August 

Headlining the PUMA YARD’s Jamaican Independence Day bash is none other than Jamaican born reggae artist Gyptian. Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” album and title track have received critical acclaim. His home-grown yet globally-infused music blends baritone with tenor and mixes passion with pride—and promises a proper and authentic performance to celebrate all that is Jamaica.

1. What do you have for breakfast the morning of a performance?
My favorite breakfast is ackee and saltfish. Can’t get that most places in the world. If I catch a hotel breakfast it’s OJ, cereal, and fruit. 

2. What’s your favorite spot in London?
Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush.

3. When are you most happy?
On stage at major shows.

4. Name the most inspiring place in the world.

5. Do you own an air guitar?

6. Which question are you asked the most when interviewed?
How did the Nicki Minaj collaboration happen on “Hold You”?

7. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
That’s a secret for the ladies…

8. Did you play sports growing up? Do you play now?
Used to play football. Not much time for that now.

9.58. One lump? Or two?


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