9.58 Qs with Benji B, Deviation

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UK DJ and BBC 1Xtra host heads to the PUMA YARD on 10 August

Deviation, one of London’s most successful midweek club nights, boasts a roster of artists spanning various genres. Not to mention that it regularly has sessions throughout the world and along the European festival circuit. On 10 August, Deviation brings its entourage of artists to the PUMA YARD. The night is headed up by Benji B, UK DJ and BBC 1Xtra host, renowned for his soulful, seamless mixes of hip hop, house, funk, and dubstep. So put on those pants, smooth your eyebrows, and pop by.

1. What do you have for breakfast the morning of a performance?
Scrambled eggs on toast standard.

2. What’s your favorite spot in London?
My yard.

3. When are you most happy?
When free.

4. Name the most inspiring place in the world.
It’s called London.

5. Do you own an air guitar?
Never that.

6. Which question are you asked the most when interviewed?
Name 1-3 songs you cannot live without.

7. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
I do have a superpower, but it’s not flying and that’s the one I want.

8. Did you play sports growing up? Do you play now?
Yup football. I had a great football brain and not very great football feet. Still love it though.

9.58. One lump? Or two?
Never in my tea. Only in coffee. One lump in my espresso but milk no sugar in my English Breakfast. Thanks.  


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