5AM Run Vs. 5AM Cab

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After Hours Athletics will always remain close to the hearts of the average PUMA Socialite. This unique form of late night exercise comes in many forms; the epic ping pongathon, pool party (minus water!), foosball tournament, bowlarama or dance off capped by a well-deserved spot of greasy food and a personalised sunrise carriage home.

There is however, another form of exercise usually undertaken as a solo pursuit that involves sobriety, VERY early mornings, endorphins, excessive amounts of motivation, colour-coordinated jog wear and a “YES I CAN” attitude! Where do your 5AM loyalties lie??!

Here are your contenders...   

In the red corner stands the early rising, fat-fighting fit freak that is…theeeeee…5AM Rrrrrunnnnnerrr!

In our “always on” modern world of smartphones, emails, IM, international business trips and conference calls it is only the real high-flyers who usually manage to squeeze in a bit of cardio well before breakfast of a morning. Whilst the sensible PUMA Socialite recovers from the evening’s exploits with their heads buried under a pillow, their energetic opposites are up with the lark pounding the streets doing their best Rocky running re-enactments (hopefully without the hobo chic training attire)!

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In the blue corner, standing (just barely) with arms outstretched and thumbs aloft is the never-call-it-a-night, last ride home hero hailing…the 5AM cab!

5AM is a fairly bizarre time of the day let’s be honest. As the first swathes of early morning workers and delivery peeps hit the streets, the After Hours Athlete comes to the fuzzy-eyed realization that another day has begun and it is probably time to retire. Temporarily breaking the quiet with spontaneous outbursts of last night’s best-received karaoke smash or a manic search through their phone for that newly acquired phone number, the PUMA Socialite seeks comfort in the backseat of a cab for a well-deserved nap and dreams of his/her next epic outing!

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Which team are you on?!

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