4 Drivers 1 Title – Thrilling F1 season final in Abu Dhabi

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On your marks, get set, go! Let’s start your engines for the last Formula 1 race this season. This is going to be one of the most exciting season finals ever.

Of the four title contenders, Fernando Alonso has best chances to win the drivers championship with an eight-point advantage on his side (246 points) to Mark Webber’s (238) and Sebastian Vettel’s 231 points.
And with Dietrich Mateschitz saying Red Bull will not resort to team orders and that he would rather see his drivers finish second in the title race than be anything but sporting, it can lead to the situation that Red Bull racing can win, but loose. However the scene is set for fair battle man against man.
If Alonso will manage to finish second, all other competitors can do whatever they want, but Fernando Alonso will be F1 driver champion 2010!
So while both Webber and Vettel must win, Vettel can end up Webber finishing second because even though that would tie them on 256 points, he would win the championship on the basis of five victories to four. Therefore Vettel also needs Alonso to finish fith or lower, which is unlikely seeing the Ferrari performance of the last races.
If Marc Webber wants to be champion, Alonso has to finish third or lower.
Lewis Hamilton is the fourth contender, who has only a mathematically chance to win the title. Therefore he must win with Alonso failing to score, Vettel has to finish not higher than third and Webber has to score not higher than sixth.

Will Vettel let Webber by regardless of Mateschitz’s wishes, enabling his team mate to beat Alonso and become 2010 world champion? Sebastian Vettel smiles at this key question:
“In my case it’s pretty straightforward. I have to optimize the result, get everything out of myself and ideally repeat the performance of Brazil today, and then it depends where those two guys are. We have to judge according to the situation. I think both of us know how to act. We’ve had some moments we are not very proud of, and which we don’t want to repeat…”

Mark Webber, typically, is more clear and brief: “Long story short: it depends on the last lap…”

No wonder that the favourite Alonso cannot stop smiling: “I just need to finish second. It doesn’t matter who wins if I do that. With that, the problem is finished.”

What speaks for RBR is that that last year’s Red Bull RB5 was very quick in Abu Dhabi, and this year’s RB6 is even faster. On the other side of the four title contenders, only Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton have experienced fighting for a title before, whereas the Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have not.

Surely the fantastic 5.554 kilometre (3.451 mile) long Yas Marina circuit itself has high-speed sections, tight corners for overtaking, and even a twisty street circuit-style sector, which makes the track a perfect stage for this extremely exciting drama.

So everything is set up for a fantastic and thrilling final, that definitely will make history – regardless of how this drama will end.

Fernando Alonso: “We could change our tactics depending on how competitive we have been up to then and where we are on the grid. I do not think we have the corner speed of the Red Bulls, nor the straight line speed of the McLarens, but overall we are generally competitive over the whole weekend and I am relatively confident in the performance of the car. Whatever the outcome, I will look back at this year and think that, for the previous two seasons I was struggling to get into Q3 and Ferrari also had a tough time in 2009. But this year, we are here together fighting for the title against two Red Bulls, so whatever happens on Sunday, it will have been a great 2010 anyway. At the moment, I am not losing even one second of my energy thinking what will happen on Sunday. We must do the work on Friday and Saturday to prepare for our goal. On Saturday, we should be on the front row if possible, although pole would be welcome! In the race, our target is to finish first and second, but for now it is not our job to believe or not believe in what could happen. There have been some races this season, such as Germany, Singapore, Monza where the car has been competitive and we have had two cars on the podium. If we can do that here, it would be a huge help for me and if Felipe had a perfect weekend, even winning the race, then that would be perfect for us.”

Mark Webber: “The track has a good layout and the twilight aspect gives it
a different atmosphere – it’s a good event. I think we have a great chance to go there and
get a good result. There is a chance of the team getting another Championship, which
is an exciting proposition. There are lots of possible outcomes that could still happen, Fernando is in the best position of all of us, but we still have a chance, so let’s see what happens.”

Sebastian Vettel: “Obviously I have good memories from Abu Dhabi and I will
be hoping to get another good result there this year, but let’s
see. There’s still everything to play for in the Drivers’ Championship. Abu Dhabi is a good track; it’s fantastic to drive under the hotel bridge with the lights on the roof changing every time you go past. The people are very friendly and I’m looking forward to the race.”