2000 Mile Run Kicks Off in Boston!

  • The PUMA Running Team
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The 2000 mile run from Boston to Austin has begun! On September 15 at 10AM EST in Boston, MA, Rusty Tolliver and brothers Scott and Rhys Jenkins began a remarkable trek that will have them running over 26.2 miles per day for the next 10 weeks.  If they are successful they will set a new World Record for running the most consecutive marathons.

The three men started the first 13 miles of their journey in good company as they were joined by 2010 USA 20K Champ, Sean Quigley and his brother Jonny, as well as some members of our PUMA Running team.  Everyone looked superb decked out in their PUMA Running gear as we ran from Boston to Braintree.

The pace was relaxed and the atmosphere was fun.  The weather was ideal for running, as it was sunny with a light breeze.  While we’re still not sure how Rusty wore a sweatshirt the whole time, he seemed comfortable in it (he must be used to it after growing up with that Texas humidity).  The rest of us were really warm and downed some Gatorade at a Mobil station in Quincy, MA.

When we reached our endpoint at the Braintree Train Stop, we said our goodbyes and well wishes to Rusty and the Jenkins brothers as they continued their journey.  We can’t say that we were envious as they headed off for another 13+ miles to Walpole, MA while our team and the Quigley brothers grabbed a huge lunch at a nearby Chili's.

Rusty, Scott, and Rhys are running from Boston to Austin to raise money for charity.  To learn more about their journey, or to donate to the cause: www.2000milerun.com.